Welcome to Legacy Remodel & Design Group!

We handle specific products that were selected because of their uniqueness, necessity, and quality. Each of them are premier products in the home products industry. Our focus is on our customers and solving their problems, increasing their safety, and enriching their lives. Integrity defines our company. We strive to have everyone in our organization in charge of customer service. The bottom line… we want happy customers whose lives have been changed for the better by owning our products. We want our customers to feel good about choosing our products and choosing Legacy Remodel & Design Group to take care of them.

Legacy Remodel & Design Group is your best choice!

With over 20,000 customers and counting, our products are the right choice for you!  What started out as a way for Mel Bailey to raise and support his family of 8 children in East Texas, has turned into an opportunity to help people throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, as well as a large portion of East Texas.  Legacy Remodel & Design Group has been family owned for over 40 years.  Our commitment to serve our customers is the foundation and “Legacy” of our company.

Our customers like to share their great experiences with their friends, neighbors, and family.  So, we have a network of valued customers.  Our customers are the best and so are our products!


Our Quality Products

Our business philosophy can be best described in our Mission Statement: “With dedicated people, quality work, and integrity, our mission is to provide superior products and unsurpassed service to our customers.” Our line of products include:

logo_gh A maintenance free rain gutter system that keeps our customers off their ladders, prevents damage to foundations, fascia, soffits, flower beds, prevents erosion, and stands by the slogan, “NEVER CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS AGAIN!” Gutter Helmet includes a Lifetime Warranty.
logo_gh A non-porous solution for an existing bath, with a one to two day remodel time, and a Lifetime Warranty. Includes tub-to-shower conversions, walk-in bathtubs, barrier-free showers, which also cater to our elderly and/or disabled customers, bath liners, and custom manufactured bath and shower systems.
logo_ss Retractable patio awnings with a wireless motor, custom made, over a hundred colors, to block the sun, lower energy costs, increase enjoyment outdoors, and enlarge the outside living space.
logo_sas Advanced UV germicidal disinfection system which is installed in a home or office’s HVAC system and efficiently destroys airborne bacteria, virus, mold and germs to prevent infection from re-circulated air.
logo_walkin Made in the USA! Leading edge technology and commitment to quality and service has made this tub stand the test of time for over 30 years. The hydrotherapy provides both a spa experience as well as pain relief. But, most of all, these bathtubs provide safety and relief from the fear of falling.

Grow With Us!

Legacy Remodel and Design Group specializes in customer service.  We will take care of YOU from the moment we meet until the moment your installation is complete and beyond.  Since we have been family owned for over 40 years, we will be around to take care of you.  Our business continues to grow because of our customers.  Word-of-mouth is the best kind of referral we can get.  It keeps our business growing and we would love for you to join our family of happy customers!